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DIY projects to tackle during lockdown


After another forced lockdown you are not alone if you’ve been climbing the walls looking for activities to do with the kids or even just ways to keep yourself busy and engaged around the home.

The team at Online Hire have put our heads together to offer you a few of our brightest suggestions.

Get your hands dirty in the back yard

If you missed our blog from January, why not consider building a vegetable patch. It’s a great activity to get you into the fresh air, your hands grounded in the dirt, eating fresher, more nutritious food and a positive for your bank account. Can’t go wrong. You can read our

5 simple steps to creating your own patch here.

For larger gardening and landscaping projects like retaining walls or trenching we have a range of earthmoving gear including mini excavators, skid steers and bobcats.

If you have a smaller landscaping job or garden cleanup on your hands we have all the smaller handheld tools you could need. Whether that be a wheelbarrow, mower or pruning tools. Save yourself some cash and the need to store the tools long term by hiring for 4 hours or day.

Prep your Lawns to flourish this Spring

Never underestimate the importance of a good lawn! Not only are they beautiful but come Spring and Summer a great lawn is such a necessity for outdoor games and entertaining.

August is the month to be using our lawn aerator to give your precious turf the best chance at flourishing this sunny season. The aerator removes small pieces of earth in your lawn to allow the soil beneath your grass to absorb more fertiliser, water and air.

At Online Hire we offer a Bluebird lawn aerator which is petrol operated for extra power and efficiency. It is manually operated and easily portable.

Chop some more firewood

Winter is well and truly upon us and there is nothing more comforting than a roaring fire. Indoors or out! If you’re like us you will have been through a pile of firewood already. Need a top up?

Consider saving yourself some manual labour and hire our log splitting machine. It makes the job easy and effortless with a weight load of 250kg. This machine will make your life happier and easier! We promise.

Run a load to the tip

Many take the (forced) opportunity to dig and do a house cleanup. If you have a small to medium amount of rubbish to dispose of why not hire one of our Utes or trailers to dispose yourself?

We also have Pantech and Vans for moving larger loads between locations.

Paint job need a refresh?

It’s tedious and time consuming but an all important task. Why not consider applying a fresh lick of paint to your home during the coming weeks.

Online Hire have a range of safety ladders and scaffolding for hire to help you reach and work at heights safely. You can check out the full range on the website or give the store a call to chat about your project needs and get the right recommendation.

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