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Winter is coming, get your firewood ready!


We all love the comfort of a roaring fire crackling during the winter months but preparing yourself for these colder days and nights requires forethought and prior preparation. Meaning it’s time to get your firewood ready for winter.

Felling a tree, splitting, and preparing firewood is a laborious activity. Be sure to plan for success by being certain that you have the right tools on hand to be as efficient as possible.

Remember, you will also need to allow time to ensure that your wood is adequately dry. It’s best not to wait till the last minute to cut firewood. Depending on the type of wood, firewood is best when it has been ‘seasoned’ for at least 6 months.

If you burn unseasoned wood, it will be more difficult to light and produce a lot more smoke than if you had dried it out first. Dried wood will be much lighter and grey in colour. If you fell a dead standing tree, it might not be dry enough to burn right away as trees can retain a lot of water if the bark has not been removed.

Our Online Hire, Red Roo Log Splitter makes splitting the toughest hardwood easier and a single person operation, saving your back the strain not to mention, hours of your precious time.

The Red Roo Log Splitter is towable and features a 250kg log lift table, flexible suspension, LED lights and 8-inch swivel jockey wheel. Our rental splitters are fully professional with all the features that you need to get your firewood ready for winter, quickly and cost effectively.

Measure twice, cut once.
Don’t overlook the importance of measuring the length of your cut before you start work. Be sure to check the specifics on your fireplace or stove and consider cutting one log to use as your “measuring guide” while you split the rest.

Protect yourself.
Our specialist team members always recommend using the proper safety equipment when splitting your firewood. With all the potential debris flying around while you are cutting and splitting firewood, it is essential that you source protection for your eyes. Eye protection is not expensive and can save you from a serious eye injury. You can choose from safety glasses, safety goggles, or face shields.

Wearing a good pair of gloves can be beneficial when cutting, moving, or even stacking firewood and steel-toe boots are a piece of safety equipment you will use frequently and be glad you made the investment.

Transporting your firewood.
It’s best to check the owner’s manual for your vehicle to see what load weights you can safely haul. If you overload your vehicle, you may find that your steering, handling, and braking are compromised.

You can find how much you can carry by reading the placard located on the inside of the driver’s door sill or on a sticker located inside the glove box. You can also find it in the owner’s manual. Look for what’s called the “payload”. Payload includes the weight in the cabin and the cargo.

You can also speak to one of our team to get details on rental trailers and vehicles to suit your requirements.

Storing your firewood.
After you have split your firewood, it is important to ensure that you store it correctly. For safety purposes, all firewood should be stored at least five feet or more from the foundation of the home, ensuring that you never stack your wood against a wooden building’s wall.

We recommend keeping your firewood outside your home, in a sunlit area, and only bringing inside the wood you anticipate burning for the next two days.

Be sure that the wood you use is aged, or dried, and has less than 20% moisture. Never spray your firewood with insecticide as insecticide is almost always flammable and could cause a flare up.

Hire the right tools
Red Roo log splitters, Chainsaws, trailers, and vehicles can be hired from Online Hire at St Marys. We can also facilitate delivery to your site. All equipment is available for hire periods of 4 hours, a day or a week, giving you plenty of time to get your Winter stockpile ready. We also offer weekend specials, each and every weekend.

Put the axe down, save your back, and give our team a call today to book the equipment you need on your preferred dates so that you can get your firewood ready for winter.

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