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Online Hire provides sander hire and stripper hire for projects in Sydney. At Online Hire, our goal is to provide all the dry hire equipment you need for your project, so that you don’t have to buy and maintain machinery, equipment or attachments yourself. We’ve been successfully providing Sydney tradesmen and builders with dry hire equipment for the last 10 years. Popular equipment we hire out includes sander hire and floor stripper hire. In our fleet, we currently have a flex giraffe dustless sander and a vinyl floor stripper. Talk to us today about hiring our dustless sander or floor stripper for 4 hours, daily or weekly hire.

Flex Giraffe Dustless Sander Hire

Flex Giraffe Dustless Sander Hire Rates

4 Hour






The flex giraffe dustless sander is the perfect choice for sanding required in hard to reach places. This sander is designed to work on abrasive material both inside and outside and is suitable for sanding styrene insulation panels, plasterboard, cement board and prep for painting and coatings. The flex giraffe can also reach high ceilings without ladders, making it the perfect tool for renovators. This dustless sander promotes a healthy dust-free environment and makes sanding clean, easy and fast.

Vinyl Floor Stripper Hire

Vinyl Floor Stripper Hire Rates

4 Hour






Our vinyl floor stripper is designed to be a quick and efficient method of removing tiles and lino. Situations in which you can use the vinyl floor stripper is to lift vinyl tiles and linoleum as well as strip carpet stains and grease build up. This floor stripper can also be used on concrete and timber surface due to its double sided blades.



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The Online Hire team are here to provide the dry hire equipment you need for your project across Sydney. We ensure that all of our equipment including our sanders and floor strippers are in excellent condition, so they work effectively on your site. We’re also here to provide any advice or additional equipment you may need for your project. Talk to us today about our fast delivery, competitive prices and reliable sanders and strippers.

Sander Hire and Floor Stripper Hire Locations

Online Hire can provide floor strippers and sanders for hire in Sydney including Sydney Metro and Western Sydney.
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Talk to the team at Online Hire today about your project and we’ll provide stripper hire and sander hire at competitive and affordable rates. We can provide fast delivery and keep your project running smoothly from start to finish. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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